About the Project

The residential estate consists of two 10-storey residential houses situated on a landscaped 1.7 ha land plot. The territory is planted and enclosed by a green hedge and a fence. The entrance is fitted by two automatic sectional driveway gates and a wicket. The yard is equipped by a children’s playground and a sports area; there is a two-level parking garage.

The house includes cosy 1, 2, 3 and 4-room comfort-class apartments. The project is based on modern technical solutions and traditional requirements for dwelling houses – comfort, safety, energy efficiency and individual approach. The buildings are equipped by individual storage spaces for fittings. 24-hour guarding, video surveillance of the territory and the parking garage.

Structure of the buildings
Reinforced concrete frame, floors – cast reinforced concrete. Outside walls – FIBO blocks. The facade is heat-insulated by rock wool and plastered. Foundation – reinforced concrete slab.

Utility systems
Heating is provided by AS “Rigas Siltums”, water supply and sewerage – municipal. Internet, telephone, cable TV, satellite, alarm system. Kitchen ranges – electric. 

Apartments are offered with fine finish and key-ready finish. Ceiling height – 2.7 m. Each apartment is equipped by individual utility meters and heating controllers.

Mortgage loan

Anna Košeļeva

Private advisor

+371 29359637



Indra Freimane

Financial advisor

+37126665577 +37167446236